The Institute for Sensible Transport specialise in transport innovation research and policy development.

Our team specialise in assisting governments and large organisations to plan, implement and evaluate transport initiatives focused on reducing car use – helping to create liveable, resilient cities and regional centres.

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Oil Vulnerability Planning

The Institute for Sensible Transport has established itself as a leading provider of accurate, well researched and practical advice on measures to reduce reliance on oil based transport.

Transport strategy development

The Institute for Sensible Transport draws on its expertise in integrated transport and land use planning to develop comprehensive, sustainable transport strategies for local councils and large scale residential and retail developments…


Bicycle strategies

The Institute for Sensible Transport is among Australia’s most respected authorities on the development of bicycle strategies…

Public transport/bicycle integration

The Institute for Sensible Transport have an experienced team of professionals able to improve the integration between bicycling and public transport.

Transport presentations

Our Director, Elliot Fishman is a well known presenter on transport issues, with regular appearances on radio and major public events…

Green travel plans

Green Travel Plans are frequently required for the granting of a planning permit, for both residential and commercial developments. They are especially necessary when a reduction in car parking requirements is sought. A Green Travel Plan details the suite of policies and practices available to increase the attractiveness of walking, cycling, public transport, car share and working from home.

Workplace bicycle fleets

Organisations are increasingly looking to supplement their car fleet with bicycles, in order to reduce carbon emissions, create a healthier workforce and lower fleet management costs…

Bike share solutions

To serve the rapidly expanding bike share sector, we have established a bike share unit, providing customised solutions to maximise the success of this new form of public transport. We provide behavioural and technical analysis to governments interested in establishing bike share programs, or evaluating existing initiatives.

Transport focus groups

Qualitative research is an important and emerging field in the development of transport policy. Focus groups assist in the decision making process by revealing public perceptions and attitudes to a wide range of transport/land use policies.

CrowdSpot: An online map-based community engagement App

The Institute for Sensible Transport have teamed up with technology and public engagement professionals to create CrowdSpot - an intuitive web-based App designed to enhance public consultation and research outcomes. Similar technology has recently been used by the NYC and Portland Department of Transportation in the planning of their bike share programs.